Tim Gavrich

Senior Writer

Tim Gavrich is a Senior Writer for Golf Advisor. A student of course design since he took up the game at age six, he also played for his college team at Washington and Lee University and still tries to tee it up in competition whenever possible. He has been involved in the golf industry since graduating in 2011, and has written full-time about golf travel and architecture since 2014. A native of Avon, Connecticut now residing in Vero Beach, Florida, he has played golf on two continents so far and is not too bad on Bermuda greens for a left-handed New Englander. Follow him on Twitter @TimGavrich and on Instagram @TimGavrich.

  • 4.0 stars from 5

    Sebastian Municipal Golf Course

    "Cheap-and-cheerful Florida muni golf"

    Sebastian is never going to make any "Top 100" lists, and that's perfectly alright. Located adjacent to the local municipal airport (skydiver-watching is a fun on-course diversion), the layout is fairly open off the tee, with a pretty constant breeze and some decent interest on and around the greens. The par threes are solid, highlighted by the elevated greens on the 14th and 17th, and the par-4 18th is a very good strategic hole, where hitting driver brings a pond into play. Nice people, nice prices, nice local spot. more »

    5.0 stars from 5

    World Woods Golf Club - Pine Barrens Course

    "Pleasantly unFlorida-like"

    World Woods was fairly early on the scene of true "destination" golf facilities, and it was ahead of the times with its focus on impressive practice facilities and short courses. The nine-hole executive routing, three practice holes and huge practice range and putting course make a golf nut go wide-eyed. Thankfully, the main-attraction golf courses stack up well, too. The Pine Barrens delivers a fun golf experience on a piece of terrain that is hillier than most would associate with Florida. Furthermore, the sandy waste areas along many holes lend the course a different aesthetic. The fact that walking is allowed at any time is a big plus for the golfer wanting to get some exercise in, too. more »

    5.0 stars from 5

    World Woods Golf Club - Rolling Oaks Course

    "A very strong sibling"

    Though Pine Barrens tends to rank slightly higher in the magazines, I actually found I liked Rolling Oaks slightly better among World Woods' offerings. The look of the course is a bit more mainstream, but the terrain is a bit more exciting and the greens have more interesting contours at Rolling Oaks. Those things appealed to me, as did the namesake live oak trees dotting the landscape. Do not overlook this course when planning golf at World Woods; you'll enjoy comparing the two high-quality experiences with your fellow golfers. more »